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740 Series Aluminum Accordion Security Door

Aluminum Security Folding Doors

If you think that adding a security door or enclosure requires a compromise when it comes to appearance than please take a closer look at Woodfold's aluminum security folding doors, the Alumifold series. An extremely sturdy door that incorporates the smooth, durable operation of an exclusive steel hardware hinge system and rigid vinyl, steel rod construction. It has been designed to fit any installation, with a variety of options including curvable track and a selection of locks and latches. This commercial accordion door series features single-piece extruded aluminum body panels that are available in solid or perforated. The panels are finished in bronze, gold or silver. Many features that really set this folding door apart from the other manufacturers with improved security and enhanced eye appeal.
This product also meets ADA compatibility standards.

Standard Features

· Aluminum Lead Post with Jamb Moulding
· Continuous Pin Hinge Hardware System (Top & Bottom)
· Nylon Wheel with Ball Bearing on Steel Axle
· Aluminum Panel Frame Channel (Silver, White, Sand or Bronze Finish)
· Aluminum Track

Optional Features

· May be Paired
· Sliding Jambs
· Aluminum Recessed Track Channel
· Curvable Track
· Magnetic Catch and Interlocking Moulding
· Privacy Latch Thumbturn (One Side With Deadlatch)
· Deadlatch with Thumbturn Two Sides
· Wood Track Moulding

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