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540 Series Accordion Door

Transparent Accordion Security Doors

Transparent accordion security doors combine the function of our hardware hinge system with the benefits of vision capability and enhanced security. This is the Woodfold Visifold series with the added security. Maximizing security in retail or commercial venues doesn't mean minimizing eye appeal and this clear accordion door offers an unobstructed view of what's inside while assuring protection. These sliding doors are ideally suited for retail or commercial settings with a combination of aesthetics, vision access and maximized security.
All applications have their own distinctive style and this series offers a bounty of options that include a spectrum of finishes, curvable tracks, different locks and latches, and the ability to combine sleek acrylic with gleaming hardwood or vinyl laminate panels.
This product also meets ADA compatibility standards.

Standard Features

· Aluminum Lead Post with Jamb Moulding
· Continuous Pin Hinge Hardware System (Top & Bottom)
· Nylon Wheel with Ball Bearing on Steel Axle
· Aluminum Panel Frame Channel (Clear, White, Sand or Bronze Finish)
· Aluminum Track

Optional Features

· May be Paired
· Sliding Jambs
· Aluminum Recessed Track Channel
· Curvable Track
· Magnetic Catch and Interlocking Moulding
· Privacy Latch Thumbturn (One Side With Deadlatch)
· Deadlatch with Thumbturn Two Sides
· Wood Track Moulding

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