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240 Series Accordion Door

Accordion Folding Door

The Woodfold accordion folding door series is routinely specified for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial projects where beauty, durability and function are the primary concerns. In addition to the strength and durability that are provided by the hardware hinge system there is a wide range of available options that include curved track, locks, latches, and multiple meeting posts to further expand the design capabilities of a folding door.
This product also meets ADA compatibility standards.

Standard Features

· Aluminum Lead Post with Jamb Moulding
· Continuous Pin Hinge Hardware System Both Top & Bottom
· Nylon Wheel With Ball Bearings On Steel Axle
· Aluminum Track
· Dead-latch With Thumbturn On Two Sides

Optional Features

· May Be Paired
· Sliding Jambs
· Aluminum Recessed Track Channel
· Curvable Track
· Magnet Catch & Strike Plate
· Privacy Latch Thumbturn (One Side With Deadlatch)
· Springlatch with Thumbturn Two Sides
· Key Lock
· Class 1 Fire Retardant Panels (Light Oak & Chalk Vinyl-lam only)
· Laser Crafted Panel Inserts
· Textured Glass Inserts
· Wood Astragals
· Wood Track Moulding

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