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140 Series Accordion Door

Residential Folding Closet Doors

This accordion folding door series is an excellent choice for closet applications in multi-unit or single family residences. Providing easy and convenient access for wardrobes, closets, or utility room installations. They incorporate Woodfolds pin hinge hardware system, a modified swept-wing handle, and an integral magnet with strike plate. Finish options include vinyl laminate panels that are applied to one side with a utility back or hardwood matched panels that are veneered on one side (face of door) with unmatched veneer on the back. This Woodfold series has been routinely specified over the past 20 years for folding closet door installations in college dormitories, retirement housing, assisted living, health care facilities, and hospitatlity installations.

Standard Features

· Full-length Sweptwing Handle with Magnet
· Continuous Pin Hinge Hardware System, Top & Bottom
· Nylon Wheel on Lexan Axle
· Aluminum Track
· Magnet Latch & Strike Plate

Optional Features

· Aluminum Recessed Track Channel
· Laser Crafted Panel Inserts
· Textured Glass Inserts
· Wood Astragals
· Wood Track Moulding

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